The journey

This image above is from 2009 and in the Nicosia Cyprus we won the championship against all odds. I had surgery on my finger 3 days before finals started, and no one new if I’d be able to play of be effective. But over the years I grew to hate losing more than I like to win. Such a scary space to live. Winning became a drug, I wanted to win so bad it was like I was a mad man!

This game above there was 4 minutes left and we were in a super close game, and I mad 2 huge plays defensively and offensively to help us ultimately win. Above you see me not smiling, almost smug look like whats next and I didn’t stop and appreciate the journey to get there. Losing my head coach and mentor and getting another coach who I despised. Teammates changed, new ones coming in it was a world wind season.

As I have grown I have learned the result is awesome, but equally as important is the journey. If you can embrace both there’s so much more you can learn. Here’s the nugget...

Always embrace the journey, and learn what your need to make you better!